Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hacked my pipes

As topic states, I hacked my pipes. Hacked in a meaning of fixing something not the way it should be fixed. Well, for some time in my flat electricity has been flowing through the metal pipes and the water, so when you washed your hands or got into shower you were nicely shocked. I didn't think about it before today, when I simply got tired of getting shocked. My mom had called the electrician, but he said he couldn't help as there's no possible way to find the leak(several other neighbours are also facing it) and eliminate it. Well d'oh. Anyways, today after getting shocked I came up with a simple idea: take a wire and connect the incoming pipe to the outcoming pipe. So I cut one not working UTP cable and split the wires from one another. Then I just stripped the isolation and tied it to both pipes. Eureka!!! The shock reduced(d'oh, paralel connection). But the water was still "biting". So I just added another wire which reduced the shock even more, that I couldn't feel it anymore. W0000000t! My first hack if I can call it a hack.

If you read the labels of this post before the post itself you may notice that I mention Lithuania and basketball. Wanna know why? Because today at 23:00 (11PM :D) local time our basketball team came back from Eurobasket 2007 with bronze medals. Although I was watching the welcome through a TV I was still in euphoria. Lithuania remained the only unbeaten team until the semifinals when it was just a terrible day for almost everyone in the team(except Siskauskas, who scored 30 points which was the game high and 1 point higher than russian Andrei Kirilenko who was killing our team). Lithuania had beaten the other unbeaten team - Slovenia - two games before that. Well it's good that they got well in their last game against Greece(Eurobasket2005 gold medalists) and knocked them down. Congratulations for our team. The irony of this championship is that Lithuania has only 1 lose, just like champions Russia, and Spain has 2 losses but ended 2nd in the tournament withouht facing our "Baltic giants" as the commentators like to call them. Ah well, tough luck, but still: Lithuania, with only 3,5 million people can be at the top of the european and even the world basketball.

P.S. To make this post geekier I promise to add some numbers about current and p.d. between my pipes :D