Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Procrastination hoo haaa

Procrastination is a big problem for almost every young person. I think I don't know anyone who would not procrastinate. You usually table things away until the very deadline. For young people it's because everything is very interesting, and school course is sometimes very intense so you study only the day before test. Of course parents, teachers, psychologist and other people tell you not to procrastinate, but just to study every day. As I mentioned, students (I'm talking about myself being in highschool) prepare for the test only the day before it. And since in higher grades you write a test almost every day, you ACTUALLY STUDY EVERY DAY. And I was a worse case. I am one of those "Genius" procrastinators - people, who don't need to study much to get things done at least moderately or actually really well. So I arrived at this condition, when I didn't actually prepare for the test until the test day. I mean not the day before the test, but the actual test day - during breaks between lessons. And for the fun of it, my grades were all getting better and better. Averages 9.1, then 9.5, 9.7, 9.8 out of 10. And I relied only on my memory. I didn't even do my homework. I don't know, maybe I'm very lucky because of where I am right now. But when there's not enough challenges you have more free time and you start looking for some other challenges. Applying to MIT is one of them for me right now. And also keeping my grades up. And developing several web projects at once. And learning about microchip design, Boolean algebra, graphical programming, Linux administration and so on and so on. Just trying to be perfect at everything. And with all these objects shining in my todo list, I finally understood that I can't watch a good movie every day, discuss in forums the way I do(refresh, refresh, refresh, reply, refresh, refresh). I finally found that I suck at all of these subjects. Maybe not as much as people who have no idea about what I do, but people, who I taught about computer security(or at least the ethical part of it) in forums a year or two ago, left me waaaay behind them. It's time to change.
First thing I'm doing is I'm checking the forums only once or twice a day. Lose the refresh-refresh thing. Login, read, answer and leave it all until the next day. Another thing is I started paying attention to doing my homework again. It's about time (after the SAT's, but before Lithuanian exams in May-June). A good night sleep (6-7 hours instead of 4-5) is also helping me up. I was actually thinking about getting polyphasic, but as I read that it takes as much as two weeks to adapt to it, I decided not to do it because of the lack of time and this hard period. You may also have noticed that I started to blog actually instead of write a summary of my month events. Real thought live now. Only at ;) Just a little bit discipline and I think I'll be able to lose the quotes from the "genius" procrastination :D.

P.S. I'm actualy procrastinating right now :(. A test of trigonometry tomorrow and I don't know half of the formulas. A flashlight and a book should help.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Beaver awards and welcome winter!

Yesterday I was in awards of Beaver. A rip off from the Kangaroo(a math contest, for those who don't know). So Beaver is an IT contest, with LOGO, MS Excel and some other comon non-IT-guy problems. Of course there are some problems which are actually related to computers, but... Anyways, this year I was 5th in Lithuania (3 guys including my classmate being 1st, one guy being 4th and me and some other guy being 5th) in 12th class level. When teacher asked me why did my classmate get a higher score than me, I just simply answered that "He misslooked one of my answers". Of course it's a joke, because the guy surely knows his computing(a Gentoo user, now hacking and studying his Cisco router to get a CCNA). So me, him, one other classmate who was 10th in 12th class level and a 11th class student who was 12th, went to awards in Vilnius . Well, it was a free trip and free food along with free "Stardust" movie was offered. However I can say, that the movie sucks. Is it a fairy tale? If yes then why the leading pirate is gay? And if it's not a fairy tale, than what the f*** is it? It was the first movie during which I slept. My classmate had to wake me up because I was snorring. Anyways, the trip went fine, and when we came home we found at least 5cm (2 inches) layer of snow everywhere. The winter has come and it's more fun to look at everything around being white instead of rainy greyness.

The end of this worthless blog post about my Saturday.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Go comics

As you might know tomorrow is SAT day. And I'm retaking Math 2 and Physics. So I was just doing some physics tasks and ended up drawing this nice guy on a piece of 9cm x 9cm paper.
I wasn't that bad as I was hoping and since one of my friends has this, I drew another one.

Heh, pretty good prepartion for SAT, right?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hehe, following the MIT blog recent fashion to talk about their Boston Red Sox win (congrats to whoever is from Boston) I start writing this blog entry sitting in front of TV where the 4th quarter of Euroleague basketball match has begun. Kauno "Žalgiris" (Lithuania) - Sopoto „Prokom Trefl“ (Poland). 56 - 52 at the moment. Well the match will probably end before I finish this entry so I won't need to edit it to write the result.
Anyways, I'm writing not to tell about baskteball. As in every other my post I write to discuss several topics however. First one would be Laura's recent blog entry at MIT admissions blogs. There she answers Donald's question about revealing the true yourself, not the to-be-admitted one in application to college(or at least MIT) process. To tell the truth, I haven't started my application process yet. I filled some fields, but not thoroughly. Since it's November 3rd comming(yup, I'm retaking SAT subjects) and I had some other stuff to do, you know how it works. Or probably doesn't. So, getting back to revealing yourself in college application, it's pretty hard to do that when you're a teenager and you've just begun the journey to know who you are. I thought I didn't have this problem since I am into computers for past several years. But now I find myself enjoying just messing around the computer, pretending to be working on some hardcore problem, but just maybe surf random sites or watching this same old movie for 9th time this month. Simple random not computing orientied stuff. This state of course came because of my slackery, but still, I'm confused about it. I thought computers, programming would nevere tire me. And it did. Well, not only it, but this whole school-college thing, classmates around who are pretty stressed about the forecomming exams(May-June 2008, two months that can ruin your life here in Lithuania). Being messed up of course is not so bad, but then how would you describe this being messed up phase to college admissions office. They'll try to understand, of course, they have experience in it. BUT it's the feeling that they won't. Or maybe it's just that I was too lazy in my schoolyear, haven't attended any serious event or made any significant or at least interesting project. I just found it fun to mess around with computers. Ah... This post is a mess, DON'T READ IT IF YOU STARTED FROM HERE, and forget about it if you started from beginning and came here. Bye.

P.S. The result is 82:72. Žalgiris won!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hacked my pipes

As topic states, I hacked my pipes. Hacked in a meaning of fixing something not the way it should be fixed. Well, for some time in my flat electricity has been flowing through the metal pipes and the water, so when you washed your hands or got into shower you were nicely shocked. I didn't think about it before today, when I simply got tired of getting shocked. My mom had called the electrician, but he said he couldn't help as there's no possible way to find the leak(several other neighbours are also facing it) and eliminate it. Well d'oh. Anyways, today after getting shocked I came up with a simple idea: take a wire and connect the incoming pipe to the outcoming pipe. So I cut one not working UTP cable and split the wires from one another. Then I just stripped the isolation and tied it to both pipes. Eureka!!! The shock reduced(d'oh, paralel connection). But the water was still "biting". So I just added another wire which reduced the shock even more, that I couldn't feel it anymore. W0000000t! My first hack if I can call it a hack.

If you read the labels of this post before the post itself you may notice that I mention Lithuania and basketball. Wanna know why? Because today at 23:00 (11PM :D) local time our basketball team came back from Eurobasket 2007 with bronze medals. Although I was watching the welcome through a TV I was still in euphoria. Lithuania remained the only unbeaten team until the semifinals when it was just a terrible day for almost everyone in the team(except Siskauskas, who scored 30 points which was the game high and 1 point higher than russian Andrei Kirilenko who was killing our team). Lithuania had beaten the other unbeaten team - Slovenia - two games before that. Well it's good that they got well in their last game against Greece(Eurobasket2005 gold medalists) and knocked them down. Congratulations for our team. The irony of this championship is that Lithuania has only 1 lose, just like champions Russia, and Spain has 2 losses but ended 2nd in the tournament withouht facing our "Baltic giants" as the commentators like to call them. Ah well, tough luck, but still: Lithuania, with only 3,5 million people can be at the top of the european and even the world basketball.

P.S. To make this post geekier I promise to add some numbers about current and p.d. between my pipes :D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MIT application forms are out

My friend FlameBird writes in his blog that he's been checking his MyMIT account every day to see if MIT applications came. I didn't do that. And today I decided to finally check it. But when I opened it didn't work. It was saying that it's gonna be out of business until 11am(that's not GMT, so... it's a little bit later than 11am in Lithuania). I thought that they were putting the application forms online and I was right. Later today I joined and saw my application form. They say that my interview was waived. It's a sad thing, because I really wanted to talk to someone who has really been at MIT. Ah, well, I can at least hope I'll be able to talk to many people that have really been at MIT during my undergrad years there... :)
One thing I would like to mention is my activities. I mean like, I usually spend time doing random activities and there are no things I could mention doing weekly. Well, except going to music school. So how should I fill my activities? Huh?

Oh, and btw, today collegeboard wiped 68$ out of my bank account. Yup, I'm now registered for the October SAT reasoning test.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Science rocks! Didn't you know?

So there I was, translating this new about a retired spammer into Lithuanian, to post on one computer security site in here. The site's . They're my colleagues in Lithuanian computer security community. So I was translating this new, and the RSS new passed my eyes in this awesome Firefox addon, called RSS ticker. The new was about MIT discovering a way to cure something(I will write about it below). I've read about that thing a few days ago, but it passed me several times, so I remembered that only guy, who didn't mind commenting my posts and saying that the ones about MIT are interesting. Well yeah, MIT really is amazing. So now I'm gonna write about these two amazing from MIT.

Let's begin with the older one which I've read a week or two ago. MIT actually found a cure for autism. At the time I knew about autism as much as I've seen on Hollywood movie "Mercury code" or how is it called in English. Well, I also knew that it's uncureable. But heh, we have those freaks at MIT who tend to amaze the world time after time. So, they found a cure for it. Even though they cured only laboratory mice, but I think it's soon gonna be available to humanity. Like 5 to 10 years.

And the second one I noticed today several times, as I mentioned earlier. So MIT guys have identified a molecular mechanism behind fear. And they also found a way to cure it. Also in mice, but if mice got cured, the same thing is going to happen for human. The only thing that I fear of is that it may be used for bad purposes. You know, like army of Bruce Willises(Life free or die Hard - the best of the best), who don't have a feeling of fear and just remain calm in every situation. This means like an army of brainwashed soldiers, who do their task and don't mind what happens to them. An army of those people could and probably will be used at war. Yah, maybe that sounds pacifistic, but does anyone like war? So be carefull with your invention there guys at MIT, untill I come there and put everything in their places. Ok?

Ok, these two paragraphs were about the topic that science and MIT rocks. It sure does. But what worth is an entry without an offtopic? And what worth is a website without any advertisements? I thing it would actually be cool if there was no offtopic and advertisements, but I have to admit that if it wasn't the ads, the web wouldn't be available to masses.

The thing I want to advertise in this entry is RSS Ticker addon for Firefox, that I mentioned earlier. It's really cool as it slides all the news one by one on your browser window. So you can download it for your Firefox from here. I need to mention that I'm not related to developer of this tool nor he pays me for advertising his open source tool for greatest browser of all times :). Hehe, even the preview image shows a new about MIT media lab :). I said it was cool.

Enough with the advertisement for this entry. Now I need to write about something different. Today I watched a TV show where one girl was asked "Who is the richiest man on earth". And the girl didn't know. So one guy was asked the same question. And he told it was Bill Gates. And that was the right answer. Well at least as the creators of the show said. But I don't agree! Bill from MS isn't the richiest man on earth! The slashdot wrote about it two weeks ago. Some guy from Texas now has 69 gigadollars and Gates only has 61. The guy's from Texas wireless firm just increased in revenue by 15% if I remember it good enough, and the guy just passed Gates leaving him in the second place. Forbes is going to release it's list in Autumn, so Bill is still #1 at Forbes list, but the guy from Texas has more money. I just wonder what would it be if Gates hadn't spent so much money on charities. He's a good guy, even though most of the IT world hates him. So do I :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A significant day in my life :D

There are three main purposes why today is significant annually:

Year 1410. Location called Žalgiris in Lithuanian and Grunwald in German. This would be Greenwood in English. So Lithuanian and Polish armies against crusaders who tried to occupie Lithuania, which was pagan at the time. So, the biggest battle in the Medieval ages with almost 40 thousand people in Lithuanian-Polish side and 29 thousand people at crusader side. The leaders were:
  • Vytautas, grand duke of Lithuania and the main leader of battle
  • Jogaila, king of Poland, cousin of Vytautas
  • Ulrich von Juningen, master of the crusader ordin.
Crusaders were winning at the beginning of the battle because lithuanian soldiers started running into the woods using the old war technique. The Crusaders then attacked Polish army and started singing their songs of victory. But then, Vytautas gathered lithuanian army and stroke the crusaders from behind making them be in the center and Lithuanian and Polish armies in the sides. So this way the crusaders lost the battle with many soldiers and the master of the ordin dead. This stopped the invasion of west Europe into Lithuania and crusaders were not a threat to anyone no more.
If anyone has seen a painting of Jan Mateiko, called "The battle of Žalgiris", you can spot Vytautas in the middle. That painting is huge(10x4 meters) and was drawn in 6 years. I began to read about this battle after seeing this painting and listening to the guide about the battle. Vytautas is my name, so I was interested in it because of that.

The second purpose why 15th of June is important annually is that two Lithuanian pilots, S. Darius and S. Girskis(called Girėnas) flew from New York to Kaunas. That's one of the first transatlantic flights. They never reached Vilnius as their plane "Lituanica" crashed in Germany at the time(now Poland). The details of the crash are not known even now. Some say they were hit by German artilery, some say they just landed on the trees. Nobody knows that. Anyways, this flight was important and their names are forever marked in Lithuanian history.

And now the third purpose why this day is important is that today is the day before my birthday. Yes, tomorrow I'm gonna turn 17. This is also the second purpose why did I learn about battle of Žalgiris.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, this post is about nightwalking, because of some recent events in my city. So lets get to the beginning.

My friend came back from studies in Denmark a week ago and visited me yesterday(well, it's 2:39 am in here, so day before yesterday). My mom made some tea for us and we had a good talk about stuff in Denmark. He told he was really relaxed while studying there because they do not have math classes(and almost every class he had while studying here in Lithuania) there in course of business management. So, after coming back from that one semester long vacation he was talking about his studies there to people all week. After our talk, we went so see Die hard 4 on my computer as I downloaded it from some torrent tracker(I watched this film 6 times during last 3 days) the day before. The movie is really cool even though when watching 5th time, I began catching some direction mistakes. Anyways, after watching the movie we decided to have a walk around our city at night(1AM). We went to the center square, which was built 8 months ago and walked in circles there discussing about purpose of meaning and other psychological and philosophical things.
When I came back home it was just before 3AM. And just today(yesterday) I understood the really crazy thing about our walk. This evening I saw on the news that there was some fight in my city the night we were walking around. And it was at the same time, about 3AM, just like less than 1km away from my house. At that time we were on the river side and the place, where the fight took place, was almost in our sight, but we didn't see or hear anything. 5 people were injured in that fight: one of them was shot, one was cut by knife, one had his arm broken and two had their heads beaten. The real interesting thing about that was that while we were walking, I said that it would be cool to have a coat that's shoot proof. There is one being sold, but it costs too much. Even though we were walking in different place(as I said, it's less than 1km, maybe even less than 500m, just because our whole city is, or was some time ago, only 9 square km's), it looks scary.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

You actually need to study for the SAT

Hehe, yeah, half an hour ago my SAT results came out. I was spent all night waiting for them, because beople said that they would come at 12AM EST. This means 7AM in Lithuania. I decided to stay awake, since I usually do it until 5AM. But unfortunately I thought I would rest my eyes at 6 o'clock. So I rested my eyes until about 10AM, when the doorbell woke me up. It was my grandmother, who brought some delicius strawberries. Yummie.
So getting back to the SAT, at 10 AM I checked my collegeboard account, and found no trace of scores. I was like in "WTF?". So I waited, refreshing the page every minute. About 12 o'clock something happened to my Mac and I had to restart it. When I restarted it, I just joined one IRC channel where we discuss about applying to mit(#mit at So I joined it and found out that the scores are up. FlameBird was shouting bad words and pasting his scores again and again. So I just ran the browser, typed in, cliked twice, entered: brain5ide, pressed TAB, entered ********** and got in. And my scores were there... 690 for Marth II, and 700 for Physics. Pretty good, since I didn't prepare a lot. Anyways, I'm gonna have to retake the tests in October or November. I think I need at least 750 for both of them to be competitive enough to get to my school of dreams(yup, that's MIT). Even though they say that test scores are not that important, I think they are for internationals. And I know I can do better than those 690 in Math. Just need to practice a little bit.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beautiful life and miserable me

02:09 here in Lithuania. 9th of June. It's about time to write my essay for MIT, even though I don't know the topic on which the essay should be written. But still, I'm just going to write my personal thoughts at this time.
So half an hour ago I went to bed, I was too sleepy to work on one of my web projects. So here I'm lying in the bed and don't feel sleepy anymore. Now I feel miserable. I'm actually a big slacker. I had to present my project few weeks ago and I haven't been online on my Skype account since then. I don't know what to say to my customer. Maybe "I'm just a kid"? But he doesn't care if I'm a kid or a pensioner as long as I do my job. And I haven't done it yet. Lack of experience? Maybe. Lack of time? Hell, no. Lack of discipline? Bull's eye. I'm not disciplined young man who thinks he wants to spend his life in front of a computer typing some crazy commands like "mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = '".$id."');", or maybe soldering some chips on a soldering board, or maybe even be a cryptanalyst who knows math better than anyone else in the world and can easily generate an MD5 hash in his head. Yeah, I'm dreaming. It's night an I should be dreaming. And I feel really miserable because I can't achieve my dreams not because I'm not smart enough, but because I don't work enough. So… half an hour ago(now it's 40 minutes ago) I was lying in bed thinking why am I so undisciplined. And I couldn't find the answer. But I just took My PowerBook, opened it, found a book on assembly language and started reading it. I don't know the number of this book about assembly that I have read. But I usually stop reading until 50th page of the book(current book contains >500 pages). So I know all the beginning, assembly is the low level language, high level programming languages need to be compiled to assembly and stuff like that. So I just need to read a book, test it, understand it and go further. I don't know how to achieve that and how to keep working. I'm just going to try to do that.

P.S. He who reads this blog might remember me saying to have 3,18GB of ebooks(it's just 2 posts lower), so it's false. I burnt a DVD with those ebooks because I needed some hard drive space to mount a video. And you know what, Acme DVD's failed me. All my 3,18GB's of books are gone now. But I can't mention this thing, that the same day I lost my ebooks I went to one torrent portal, which is famous enough and I don't need to mention it, and I started downloading to sets of ebooks, both beign near 5GB's. So now I have about 10GB's of Ebooks most of which are about math and physics(5GB's of each).

P.P.S. While I was not posting in my blog, I graduated from music school. If anyone's interested, here are my marks (there was an exam for each):
Accordion(major): 8
Musical writing: 9
Accordion ensemble(I was in it in 3rd grade): 9
Folk ensemble(I was in it for 3 years in grades 3,4 and 5): 10
Music history: 10

P.P.P.S. I had my SAT Subject tests in math and physics a week ago. The results are comming on 21st of June. If I somehow manage to get more than 750 in both of them, then I'll probably not gonna retake them. But it's hard to guess as I didn't prepare much, just did a few sample tests from College Board study guide that I got months ago, and I got 710 for Math 2, and 720 for Physics.

That's the end of P.S'es. I promise to blog more often so I wouldn't need to P.S. that much.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

My own wikiniser

If you wonder what a wikiniser is, it's an organiser that's run on wiki. That's right, I created the word wikiniser. More about organising your life with a wiki is in this article
in website. I found this site because I was searching for some info on polyphasic sleeping and just followed a couple of links. So, I read this article and remembered that last week my friend FlameBird a.k.a. Ajay Chahar from showed me a Wiki engine that he had written(or he said so) some time ago with JavaScript. It was originally called EvoWiki but now it's known as TiddlyWiki.
By combining these two things I now have my own wikiniser which I'll try to use to improve my work. Awesome

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3,18GB of ebooks

Ok, so yesterday I managed to back up my Literature directory to a DVD disk. And I discovered that I have 3,18 gigabytes of written stuff. So taking everything in categories(I really need to categorize my books) I have:
1. Math books (1,3GB from calculus to algorithms and probability theory)
2. Engineering books (not much, but there are stuff like Lego Mindstorms book and similar things)
3. Computer stuff (didn't count how much but it's quite a lot. Mostly about programming and computer security).
4. All kinds of references(x86 CPU reference from Intel, PPC reference, RFC archive and more)

I hope I'll be able to read at least a fraction of my library some time. And not only read but study.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More facts about brain5ide

One fact about me is that I want to get into the MIT and I recently joined this community of people that also want to get into the MIT. I have found out that people have posted their profiles on the net and I don't have one so here's profile of brain5ide:

Marks in Lithuania are in scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best
IX (average of 9,41):
Math: 9
Lithuanian: 9
English: 9
German: 9
Biology: 10
Chemistry: 9
Physics: 9
IT: 10
History: 10
Geography: 9
Art: 10
Physical education: 10 (I don't know how I got this one :) )

X (average of 9,77):
Math: 10
Lithuanian: 9
English: 10
German: 8
Biology: 10
Chemistry: 10
Physics: 10
IT: 10
History: 10
Geography: 10
Art: 10
Crafts: 10
Physical education: 10 (also a mystery)

XI (average of 9,8):
Math A level: 10
Lithuanian A level: 9 (this one's a must)
English A level: 9
IT A level: 10
Physics A level: 10
Biology B level: 10
Chemistry B level: 10
History B level: 10
Art: B level: 10
Physical education B level: 10

Now EC's:
1. I'm graduating from music school this year. My major is Accordion, minor is clarinet.
2. I was elected to music school council - the highest rank management
3. I'm a current student of Lithuanian school for young Mathematicians.
4. 1st place in Math Olympiad in Tauragė county in 8th grade
5. 3rd place in Physics Olympiad in Tauragė county in 10th grade
6. I participated in quite a few local and national math contests since 4th grade(no wins in national contests except being there).
7. 11th place in IT contest Beaver in 11th grade
8. 3rd place in "Žvaigždžių valanda 2006" contest of general knowledge with our school team.
9. I've developed a minimal PHP engine for our school website and also developed a few web projects some of which cannot be announced in public(sound's kinda stupid for a web project, but that's how it is).
10. 5th place in "Žvaigždžių valanda 2007" contest of general knowledge with our school team(we got prizes for getting first to the contest place - a math study book called "Useless math study book".

SAT Subject tests:
Math II : 690
Physics: 700

Monday, April 09, 2007


My blog is becoming a videoblog but I don't mind. This time I'm posting video clips of my favorite band. It's called Foje. This band had won more Lithuanian awards than anyone else. But they separated 10 years ago. People were crazy about Foje. Last three concerts in biggest cities of Lithuania were completely full and the last concert, that was held in Vingis park, in Vilnius, was biggest event ever with about 60000 viewers(that's a lot for a country of 3,5 million people). And I discovered Foje just six months ago because I wasn't into music before, even though I go to a music school.
The four band members:
Andrius Mamontovas - the founder and the leader of Foje(guitar,vocal, sometimes drum). This man creates and plays wonderful music and is full of ideas. Right now he is organising a street music day on the 5th of May,2007 in Vilnius. He offers every musician to go to the streets and just play music. He began his music career with Foje in 10th HS grade in 1982 and when the group separated 14 years later he began his solo career which is not worse than the one with the band.
Arnoldas Lukošius - also known musician, who is famous for his dancing. You may have seen him with LT UNITED if you watched Eurovision 2006. He was the bald guy, who was dancing like crazy. Arnoldas also plays with Andrius in his concerts.
Algis Kriščiūnas - the drummer of the group. Now he's a well known photographer in Lithuania.
Darius Burokas - keyboard. I don't know a lot about him.

Kitoks pasaulis(Different world):

Tušti delnai(Empty hands):

Kibernetiniai žaislai (Cybernetic toys):

Vieną kartą Paryžiuj (Once in Paris):


And one more from Andrius Mamontovas solo. Saulės miestas(Sun city):

I hope you like it even though not everyone will be able to understand those songs in Lithunianian. If you got interested here's a link to Andrius Mamontovas' website.

Coolest desktop environment

Okay, so I have a Mac for more than six months. I thought it was the most beautiful desktop environment. And today I saw a video of XGL & Kiba-dock:

What can I say. It rocks. It has the best features of OS X environment and also adds some more. It's just beautiful. I'm now searching for the info about technical requirements for this beast.

Friday, March 30, 2007

My first videoclip

There was a contest in our school of making video clips that would reflect our class. I accidentally got the camera, because I had to copy the videos and give them for someone who is experienced enough(well more experienced than I am) to make the clip. But I decided to make one version of the video myself, so here it is:

I can say just one thing: It's really easy and fun to create videos with iMovie. I was the only one who has done it with iMovie in this contest. Macs are not that widespread in Lithuania, so I'm feeling lucky to have one.

Other videos of the competitors are embeded into our school website:

Any comments about the video?

Monday, March 26, 2007

kill -9

Hello everyone who are reading this thing(probably noone). Some time has passed since my last entry. Pi day was weeks ago and it's still the newest entry until today. Well, I'm writing here now because I just saw an awesome video clip on Youtube. I have never heard such passionate music before(yeah, it's nerd hip-hop and I like it). Just watch and enjoy hearing a song about one of the most useful Unix commands.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Have a nice Pi day!

Yes, it came again. Mar 14,2007. Why is it Pi? Because March ir 3rd month! So have a nice Pi day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creepy calculations

Hey, I'm writing to this abandoned place! Again! Well this time I'm writing because of this video that kinda shows the present and the future of humanity. Just watch and learn from the numbers from this Calculation video

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Interesting Web for every computer science student

While reading the MIT blogs I noticed a post that linked to this site:
Here you can find many interesting essays about starting your own computer related company and even more. I read a few essays and was astonished by this persons(Paul Graham, as you can see in the domain) deep look into computer related business, arts and life. If you're planning to open a computer related company this is a must visit site.

That's all I wanted to say for now.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back in love with programming

Today(actually yesterday) I got a message about a bug in my software, that is a "big" commercial secret. I wasn't surprised, because I have fixed tons of bugs in this very same program before. I almost went mad, because it started to bore me. These bugs were near making me to drop programming and choose a different thing. But today, when i finally fixed this bug, I feel different than the other times. It's like a crack in my thoughts. I have fallen in love with programming once again, and I'm back to full-free-time(that's the term, that I made up right now, which means that I spend all free time doing something, in this case computer programming) programming.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

One Laptop Per Child

Today I have rediscovered this project. I have read about it before but didn't take much about it. But yesterday I saw "a new", that was telling about OLPC in one Lithuanian news portal and decided to dig some info about it.
Here's a video where Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of whole OLPC project, talks about this idea and how it's getting close to reality. It's really interesting.
The main thing I like about OLPC laptop is that it runs a Linux, and a different UI called Sugar. This way people from developing countries won't be addicted to Windows as most of the users in other countries are. This might give more freedom to the whole computer industry because the more people are using free software, the more proprietary de facto standards die.
Wish you good luck and keep up the good work.