Monday, March 26, 2007

kill -9

Hello everyone who are reading this thing(probably noone). Some time has passed since my last entry. Pi day was weeks ago and it's still the newest entry until today. Well, I'm writing here now because I just saw an awesome video clip on Youtube. I have never heard such passionate music before(yeah, it's nerd hip-hop and I like it). Just watch and enjoy hearing a song about one of the most useful Unix commands.


Justin said...

Yay Lithuania! Good luck next year with MIT. (I saw your name on the MIT admissions blogs. I don't see a whole lot of people with the same name as my Uncle.)
-J Stoncius, a half-Lithuanian MIT '11 from the US

brain5ide said...

Well yeah, I'm one crazy junior from one of Lithuanian schools that hopes to get in to the MIT. And if I get in, two of my classmates will give me a box of beer each. If anyone helps me with this bet, I'll share my beer, because I don't drink a lot of beer myself. I prefer another poison called Pepsi.