Sunday, November 23, 2008


We had a FiDi(Physicists day) veteran party last friday(students prepare it for the alumni). And one veteran told a cool anecdote. So here it is:
Newton, Pascal and Archimedes were playing hide and seek.
Archimedes was counting to 10.
Pascal quickly ran to hide behind a corner.
Newton saw that he could not hide that fast. He took a stick and drew a square around him, with a side of about 1 meter.
Archimedes counted to 10, turned over and shouted: "I found Newton!"
Newton replied: "Wrong! Newton in square meter is Pascal"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

brain5ide at Vilnius University Part 2

The first of September. A national holiday here in Lithuania, because thousands of students start their studies.
So freshmen gathered by the Physics faculty early in the morning (10 A.M. ) to make some T-shirts.
Then we headed to the bus stop to go to Gediminas prospect. This is how a trolleybus filled with Physicists really looks like.

We were swinging the trolleybus together and shouting: "REZONANSAS"(Lithuanian for resonance).
After the trolleybus ride we joined other faculties for a walk through the Gediminas prospect to the yard of Vilnius university, which is in Old town in Vilnius.

And this is how I look:

My friends(Andrius in the bottom, Marius in the left, then Kornelija and Jurgis(roommate)): After the ceremony and the speaches of rector of Vilnius University, Minister of education and science, a classical music concert(which was actually impossible to listen, because of the echo from the walls of the university buildings), me and the fresmen of the Physics faculty gathered together and went to spend some time on the hill of three crosses.

And then there were parties in the dorm that evening. So this was my first day of officially being a student.

P.S. My November 2008 SAT subject test results just came. 740 Math II, 700 Physics. Not bad. But I can do better. I hope :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

brain5ide in Vilnius University Part 1 - Freshmen camp.

As I said in my last post, I'm now a student in Vilnius University. It's actually a fun place to be. Especially the Physics faculty. So let's begin the story of brain5ide in Vilnius university just from the beginning.
Freshmen camp. It took place in some camping site by the Pailgis lake near Vilnius. We all gathered in Vilnius train station, got in to a train and headed to the camp. I met many new people (as I'm the only one from my town in this faculty as a freshman) just while going to the camp and even more throughout the 3 days of camping. During the first day every group (there are 6 groups: Theoretical Physics, Applied Physics, Telecomunicational Physics and Electronics, Computing Physics, Modern Technology Physics and Management and Physics of Nuclear energetics) had to prepare a theatrical presentation of their group. There really were many fun things to see during those presentations, and even some not to see (as a naked guy, only with a fern covering his silly place - from that moment he became a star in the faculty :) ). Then there was an informal "social night" with some (think a lot) alcohol, music, talks and orienteering at night. I led one team(teams were randomly assigned), as I had a flashlight in my pocket, and my team did all the tasks first. The prize was a juicy watermelon :). The next day we had some presentations: StartFM - student radio, StudentuEra - student newspaper, Student scientific comunity, Student representatic organization, FiDi - fizikĊ³ diena (Physicist's day) and ISIC - international student identity card.
Asside from the presentations, we had an event of national matter - an Olympic Basketball semi-final match between Lithuania and Spain. Since we were in the middle of a forest by a lake, the organisers didn't anticipate to watch a basketball game. But physicists are physicists :). So there was a TV-tuner, a laptop and a video projector brought in. The cable was connected to a metal coat hanger and put on the roof of one of the houses. And we all (like ~80 people) watched the game together, cheered for lithuanian points and spanish misses and grieved on spanish points and lithuanian misses. The match was had big tension and as sad as it is to admit - Lithuania lost. But we still are in the top 4 of the basketball countries and nobody can argue.
On our second evening there we had to make a presentation from each house(there were more than ten of them). This time there was no nudity. My housemates and me made a funny remake of a lithuanian pop song. We depicted some comical events in the camp, in our house, in physics faculty. When we were singin that song to others was probably my funniest moment in the camp.
After the presentations, there was a party in a bathhouse. I think it I went to sleep as early as 5 a.m. :)
We had to leave the camp by the noon of the third day. The next faculty comming to the camp was Communications faculty(which is opposite to physics faculty in male/female ratio and is located in the same building block as the physics faculty). So we had to greet the Communications faculty girls(when we came to the camp, we were greeted by the Faculty of Economy). And we did. We created a simple little game to entertain a bit. And after the entertaining game we left the camp by the same train by which we had gotten there.

That's all that I was able to remember about an event that happened almost three months ago.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I just got from home to my dorm and decided to have a moment of relaxation. Blink 182 is playing in the background. You may not follow, so I'll try to explain it right now.
My last post was ages ago and the next will probably be ages later. Well, I got into Vilnius University, Computing Physics course. I was #4 by admission points to this course. I'm now studying for more than two months(since 09-01). I live in the dorms because they're really near the faculty. My classmate who got into Medical faculty, lives near me but has to travel >1h every morning to get to the faculty. So I couldn't be happier to be able to live in the dorms.
What else... Ah... yeah... I got my first job for Elsis Verslo Sprendimai - a Lithuanian business IT solutions company. It's not a biig job yet, I'm just learning the work methods and the software but it's interesting and the staff is really cool.
I also keep building websites while not doing other things. It really gets overwhelming but I like it so far.
Oh, and I am also trying to get into MIT again this year. I won't try to get in as a transfer because it would be even more impossible than a freshman admission.
That's all now. See you when the hell freezes or I get into MIT (dunno which will come first).