Sunday, November 09, 2008


I just got from home to my dorm and decided to have a moment of relaxation. Blink 182 is playing in the background. You may not follow, so I'll try to explain it right now.
My last post was ages ago and the next will probably be ages later. Well, I got into Vilnius University, Computing Physics course. I was #4 by admission points to this course. I'm now studying for more than two months(since 09-01). I live in the dorms because they're really near the faculty. My classmate who got into Medical faculty, lives near me but has to travel >1h every morning to get to the faculty. So I couldn't be happier to be able to live in the dorms.
What else... Ah... yeah... I got my first job for Elsis Verslo Sprendimai - a Lithuanian business IT solutions company. It's not a biig job yet, I'm just learning the work methods and the software but it's interesting and the staff is really cool.
I also keep building websites while not doing other things. It really gets overwhelming but I like it so far.
Oh, and I am also trying to get into MIT again this year. I won't try to get in as a transfer because it would be even more impossible than a freshman admission.
That's all now. See you when the hell freezes or I get into MIT (dunno which will come first).

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