Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lithuanian exams part 2 + Graduation + Driving lessons

Read the title, so we go in order:
Lithanian: 64th percentile (that's the only thing they give us - percentiles...)
Math: 99th percentile
IT: 93rd percentile (omg, omg, totally awesom if you take into account how much I had screwed up)
Physics: 97th percentile.
So, summing everything up, I'm probably gonna get into my course of choice - Computational Physics(why? just because someone told me that if I want to learn anything new I should not take IT course only).

The prom is happening this Saturday! I'm graduating!!! This feels awesome and some sort of awkward. I'll just need to get used to it.

Oh, and driving lessons. Today I had my first one. The instructor just told that he had had worse students than me. But it was OK. Really, I didn't crash into anybody and the car is pretty much safe until my next lesson.

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