Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hehe, following the MIT blog recent fashion to talk about their Boston Red Sox win (congrats to whoever is from Boston) I start writing this blog entry sitting in front of TV where the 4th quarter of Euroleague basketball match has begun. Kauno "┼Żalgiris" (Lithuania) - Sopoto „Prokom Trefl“ (Poland). 56 - 52 at the moment. Well the match will probably end before I finish this entry so I won't need to edit it to write the result.
Anyways, I'm writing not to tell about baskteball. As in every other my post I write to discuss several topics however. First one would be Laura's recent blog entry at MIT admissions blogs. There she answers Donald's question about revealing the true yourself, not the to-be-admitted one in application to college(or at least MIT) process. To tell the truth, I haven't started my application process yet. I filled some fields, but not thoroughly. Since it's November 3rd comming(yup, I'm retaking SAT subjects) and I had some other stuff to do, you know how it works. Or probably doesn't. So, getting back to revealing yourself in college application, it's pretty hard to do that when you're a teenager and you've just begun the journey to know who you are. I thought I didn't have this problem since I am into computers for past several years. But now I find myself enjoying just messing around the computer, pretending to be working on some hardcore problem, but just maybe surf random sites or watching this same old movie for 9th time this month. Simple random not computing orientied stuff. This state of course came because of my slackery, but still, I'm confused about it. I thought computers, programming would nevere tire me. And it did. Well, not only it, but this whole school-college thing, classmates around who are pretty stressed about the forecomming exams(May-June 2008, two months that can ruin your life here in Lithuania). Being messed up of course is not so bad, but then how would you describe this being messed up phase to college admissions office. They'll try to understand, of course, they have experience in it. BUT it's the feeling that they won't. Or maybe it's just that I was too lazy in my schoolyear, haven't attended any serious event or made any significant or at least interesting project. I just found it fun to mess around with computers. Ah... This post is a mess, DON'T READ IT IF YOU STARTED FROM HERE, and forget about it if you started from beginning and came here. Bye.

P.S. The result is 82:72. ┼Żalgiris won!