Thursday, November 19, 2009

More than a year without an entry

So, what can happen someone in more than a year?

Well, for example:

A course of laser technologies:
This is the back of Ovidijus' (my friend) phone being engraved with a 1064nm infrared laser in one of the labs in Laser Research Center. It was one of the most interesting courses I had in my second semester in Physics faculty of Vilnius University.

This is the picture that was engraved on that back of the phone. It's me in the left, then Gediminas, Lukas, Lina, Aivaras and the phone owner Ovidijus. We were all lab partners during the laser course.

We learned how to operate a laser in the lab, what it contains and how to identify and compare different lasers, how to choose one or the other for a specific application and so on. It was really fantastic in Spring Semester of 09'. Maaaaan, that's ages ago.

Well, what else? Getting rejected from MIT once again but not being very sad about it, though, I still manage to react when I see those three letters somewhere in my curriculum or the media or hear groupmates talking about it. Ah well... life goes on.

One more thing that happened(but not the only) was Fidi - Physicist's day. About it - in another entry. Probably after another year :)