Friday, March 30, 2007

My first videoclip

There was a contest in our school of making video clips that would reflect our class. I accidentally got the camera, because I had to copy the videos and give them for someone who is experienced enough(well more experienced than I am) to make the clip. But I decided to make one version of the video myself, so here it is:

I can say just one thing: It's really easy and fun to create videos with iMovie. I was the only one who has done it with iMovie in this contest. Macs are not that widespread in Lithuania, so I'm feeling lucky to have one.

Other videos of the competitors are embeded into our school website:

Any comments about the video?

1 comment:

GLxZ said...

I don't know Paukštis. Your video really sucks and I am not going to post billion reasons why it does so. It just does ;-)