Sunday, July 15, 2007

A significant day in my life :D

There are three main purposes why today is significant annually:

Year 1410. Location called Žalgiris in Lithuanian and Grunwald in German. This would be Greenwood in English. So Lithuanian and Polish armies against crusaders who tried to occupie Lithuania, which was pagan at the time. So, the biggest battle in the Medieval ages with almost 40 thousand people in Lithuanian-Polish side and 29 thousand people at crusader side. The leaders were:
  • Vytautas, grand duke of Lithuania and the main leader of battle
  • Jogaila, king of Poland, cousin of Vytautas
  • Ulrich von Juningen, master of the crusader ordin.
Crusaders were winning at the beginning of the battle because lithuanian soldiers started running into the woods using the old war technique. The Crusaders then attacked Polish army and started singing their songs of victory. But then, Vytautas gathered lithuanian army and stroke the crusaders from behind making them be in the center and Lithuanian and Polish armies in the sides. So this way the crusaders lost the battle with many soldiers and the master of the ordin dead. This stopped the invasion of west Europe into Lithuania and crusaders were not a threat to anyone no more.
If anyone has seen a painting of Jan Mateiko, called "The battle of Žalgiris", you can spot Vytautas in the middle. That painting is huge(10x4 meters) and was drawn in 6 years. I began to read about this battle after seeing this painting and listening to the guide about the battle. Vytautas is my name, so I was interested in it because of that.

The second purpose why 15th of June is important annually is that two Lithuanian pilots, S. Darius and S. Girskis(called Girėnas) flew from New York to Kaunas. That's one of the first transatlantic flights. They never reached Vilnius as their plane "Lituanica" crashed in Germany at the time(now Poland). The details of the crash are not known even now. Some say they were hit by German artilery, some say they just landed on the trees. Nobody knows that. Anyways, this flight was important and their names are forever marked in Lithuanian history.

And now the third purpose why this day is important is that today is the day before my birthday. Yes, tomorrow I'm gonna turn 17. This is also the second purpose why did I learn about battle of Žalgiris.

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