Thursday, July 19, 2007

Science rocks! Didn't you know?

So there I was, translating this new about a retired spammer into Lithuanian, to post on one computer security site in here. The site's . They're my colleagues in Lithuanian computer security community. So I was translating this new, and the RSS new passed my eyes in this awesome Firefox addon, called RSS ticker. The new was about MIT discovering a way to cure something(I will write about it below). I've read about that thing a few days ago, but it passed me several times, so I remembered that only guy, who didn't mind commenting my posts and saying that the ones about MIT are interesting. Well yeah, MIT really is amazing. So now I'm gonna write about these two amazing from MIT.

Let's begin with the older one which I've read a week or two ago. MIT actually found a cure for autism. At the time I knew about autism as much as I've seen on Hollywood movie "Mercury code" or how is it called in English. Well, I also knew that it's uncureable. But heh, we have those freaks at MIT who tend to amaze the world time after time. So, they found a cure for it. Even though they cured only laboratory mice, but I think it's soon gonna be available to humanity. Like 5 to 10 years.

And the second one I noticed today several times, as I mentioned earlier. So MIT guys have identified a molecular mechanism behind fear. And they also found a way to cure it. Also in mice, but if mice got cured, the same thing is going to happen for human. The only thing that I fear of is that it may be used for bad purposes. You know, like army of Bruce Willises(Life free or die Hard - the best of the best), who don't have a feeling of fear and just remain calm in every situation. This means like an army of brainwashed soldiers, who do their task and don't mind what happens to them. An army of those people could and probably will be used at war. Yah, maybe that sounds pacifistic, but does anyone like war? So be carefull with your invention there guys at MIT, untill I come there and put everything in their places. Ok?

Ok, these two paragraphs were about the topic that science and MIT rocks. It sure does. But what worth is an entry without an offtopic? And what worth is a website without any advertisements? I thing it would actually be cool if there was no offtopic and advertisements, but I have to admit that if it wasn't the ads, the web wouldn't be available to masses.

The thing I want to advertise in this entry is RSS Ticker addon for Firefox, that I mentioned earlier. It's really cool as it slides all the news one by one on your browser window. So you can download it for your Firefox from here. I need to mention that I'm not related to developer of this tool nor he pays me for advertising his open source tool for greatest browser of all times :). Hehe, even the preview image shows a new about MIT media lab :). I said it was cool.

Enough with the advertisement for this entry. Now I need to write about something different. Today I watched a TV show where one girl was asked "Who is the richiest man on earth". And the girl didn't know. So one guy was asked the same question. And he told it was Bill Gates. And that was the right answer. Well at least as the creators of the show said. But I don't agree! Bill from MS isn't the richiest man on earth! The slashdot wrote about it two weeks ago. Some guy from Texas now has 69 gigadollars and Gates only has 61. The guy's from Texas wireless firm just increased in revenue by 15% if I remember it good enough, and the guy just passed Gates leaving him in the second place. Forbes is going to release it's list in Autumn, so Bill is still #1 at Forbes list, but the guy from Texas has more money. I just wonder what would it be if Gates hadn't spent so much money on charities. He's a good guy, even though most of the IT world hates him. So do I :)

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Science and MIT sure rock! I just want to say that your blog is pretty interesting, and you seem like an ambicious guy. We have to speak trough google talk. Please e-mail me...

Say well,

PS: There is a Mexican Guy Carlos Slim that is also pretty rich...