Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, this post is about nightwalking, because of some recent events in my city. So lets get to the beginning.

My friend came back from studies in Denmark a week ago and visited me yesterday(well, it's 2:39 am in here, so day before yesterday). My mom made some tea for us and we had a good talk about stuff in Denmark. He told he was really relaxed while studying there because they do not have math classes(and almost every class he had while studying here in Lithuania) there in course of business management. So, after coming back from that one semester long vacation he was talking about his studies there to people all week. After our talk, we went so see Die hard 4 on my computer as I downloaded it from some torrent tracker(I watched this film 6 times during last 3 days) the day before. The movie is really cool even though when watching 5th time, I began catching some direction mistakes. Anyways, after watching the movie we decided to have a walk around our city at night(1AM). We went to the center square, which was built 8 months ago and walked in circles there discussing about purpose of meaning and other psychological and philosophical things.
When I came back home it was just before 3AM. And just today(yesterday) I understood the really crazy thing about our walk. This evening I saw on the news that there was some fight in my city the night we were walking around. And it was at the same time, about 3AM, just like less than 1km away from my house. At that time we were on the river side and the place, where the fight took place, was almost in our sight, but we didn't see or hear anything. 5 people were injured in that fight: one of them was shot, one was cut by knife, one had his arm broken and two had their heads beaten. The real interesting thing about that was that while we were walking, I said that it would be cool to have a coat that's shoot proof. There is one being sold, but it costs too much. Even though we were walking in different place(as I said, it's less than 1km, maybe even less than 500m, just because our whole city is, or was some time ago, only 9 square km's), it looks scary.

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