Thursday, June 21, 2007

You actually need to study for the SAT

Hehe, yeah, half an hour ago my SAT results came out. I was spent all night waiting for them, because beople said that they would come at 12AM EST. This means 7AM in Lithuania. I decided to stay awake, since I usually do it until 5AM. But unfortunately I thought I would rest my eyes at 6 o'clock. So I rested my eyes until about 10AM, when the doorbell woke me up. It was my grandmother, who brought some delicius strawberries. Yummie.
So getting back to the SAT, at 10 AM I checked my collegeboard account, and found no trace of scores. I was like in "WTF?". So I waited, refreshing the page every minute. About 12 o'clock something happened to my Mac and I had to restart it. When I restarted it, I just joined one IRC channel where we discuss about applying to mit(#mit at So I joined it and found out that the scores are up. FlameBird was shouting bad words and pasting his scores again and again. So I just ran the browser, typed in, cliked twice, entered: brain5ide, pressed TAB, entered ********** and got in. And my scores were there... 690 for Marth II, and 700 for Physics. Pretty good, since I didn't prepare a lot. Anyways, I'm gonna have to retake the tests in October or November. I think I need at least 750 for both of them to be competitive enough to get to my school of dreams(yup, that's MIT). Even though they say that test scores are not that important, I think they are for internationals. And I know I can do better than those 690 in Math. Just need to practice a little bit.

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