Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More facts about brain5ide

One fact about me is that I want to get into the MIT and I recently joined this community of people that also want to get into the MIT. I have found out that people have posted their profiles on the net and I don't have one so here's profile of brain5ide:

Marks in Lithuania are in scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best
IX (average of 9,41):
Math: 9
Lithuanian: 9
English: 9
German: 9
Biology: 10
Chemistry: 9
Physics: 9
IT: 10
History: 10
Geography: 9
Art: 10
Physical education: 10 (I don't know how I got this one :) )

X (average of 9,77):
Math: 10
Lithuanian: 9
English: 10
German: 8
Biology: 10
Chemistry: 10
Physics: 10
IT: 10
History: 10
Geography: 10
Art: 10
Crafts: 10
Physical education: 10 (also a mystery)

XI (average of 9,8):
Math A level: 10
Lithuanian A level: 9 (this one's a must)
English A level: 9
IT A level: 10
Physics A level: 10
Biology B level: 10
Chemistry B level: 10
History B level: 10
Art: B level: 10
Physical education B level: 10

Now EC's:
1. I'm graduating from music school this year. My major is Accordion, minor is clarinet.
2. I was elected to music school council - the highest rank management
3. I'm a current student of Lithuanian school for young Mathematicians.
4. 1st place in Math Olympiad in Tauragė county in 8th grade
5. 3rd place in Physics Olympiad in Tauragė county in 10th grade
6. I participated in quite a few local and national math contests since 4th grade(no wins in national contests except being there).
7. 11th place in IT contest Beaver in 11th grade
8. 3rd place in "Žvaigždžių valanda 2006" contest of general knowledge with our school team.
9. I've developed a minimal PHP engine for our school website www.versme.org and also developed a few web projects some of which cannot be announced in public(sound's kinda stupid for a web project, but that's how it is).
10. 5th place in "Žvaigždžių valanda 2007" contest of general knowledge with our school team(we got prizes for getting first to the contest place - a math study book called "Useless math study book".

SAT Subject tests:
Math II : 690
Physics: 700

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