Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Procrastination hoo haaa

Procrastination is a big problem for almost every young person. I think I don't know anyone who would not procrastinate. You usually table things away until the very deadline. For young people it's because everything is very interesting, and school course is sometimes very intense so you study only the day before test. Of course parents, teachers, psychologist and other people tell you not to procrastinate, but just to study every day. As I mentioned, students (I'm talking about myself being in highschool) prepare for the test only the day before it. And since in higher grades you write a test almost every day, you ACTUALLY STUDY EVERY DAY. And I was a worse case. I am one of those "Genius" procrastinators - people, who don't need to study much to get things done at least moderately or actually really well. So I arrived at this condition, when I didn't actually prepare for the test until the test day. I mean not the day before the test, but the actual test day - during breaks between lessons. And for the fun of it, my grades were all getting better and better. Averages 9.1, then 9.5, 9.7, 9.8 out of 10. And I relied only on my memory. I didn't even do my homework. I don't know, maybe I'm very lucky because of where I am right now. But when there's not enough challenges you have more free time and you start looking for some other challenges. Applying to MIT is one of them for me right now. And also keeping my grades up. And developing several web projects at once. And learning about microchip design, Boolean algebra, graphical programming, Linux administration and so on and so on. Just trying to be perfect at everything. And with all these objects shining in my todo list, I finally understood that I can't watch a good movie every day, discuss in forums the way I do(refresh, refresh, refresh, reply, refresh, refresh). I finally found that I suck at all of these subjects. Maybe not as much as people who have no idea about what I do, but people, who I taught about computer security(or at least the ethical part of it) in forums a year or two ago, left me waaaay behind them. It's time to change.
First thing I'm doing is I'm checking the forums only once or twice a day. Lose the refresh-refresh thing. Login, read, answer and leave it all until the next day. Another thing is I started paying attention to doing my homework again. It's about time (after the SAT's, but before Lithuanian exams in May-June). A good night sleep (6-7 hours instead of 4-5) is also helping me up. I was actually thinking about getting polyphasic, but as I read that it takes as much as two weeks to adapt to it, I decided not to do it because of the lack of time and this hard period. You may also have noticed that I started to blog actually instead of write a summary of my month events. Real thought live now. Only at ;) Just a little bit discipline and I think I'll be able to lose the quotes from the "genius" procrastination :D.

P.S. I'm actualy procrastinating right now :(. A test of trigonometry tomorrow and I don't know half of the formulas. A flashlight and a book should help.

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Ajay Chahar said...

I knew you were a git XD