Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome another rejected by Caltech person

Haha, it's funny that my last post was about procrastination and it was 5 months ago. Could I say that I'm "back with a brand new rap"? I don't think so. Today, at about 1AM I got an email to have been rejected from Caltech which is kinda bad feeling. But I'm mostly sad because the FedEx courier will not visit me. UPS has visited me when she brought my Collegeboard books, DHL has visited me too when she brought my other books and no FedEx. Maybe anyone(huh, who am I kidding???) wants to send me something throught FedEx?
So, what has happened through all those 5 months? Well, quite a lot actually. Probably the most important thing is that I dropped Windows and am now using OpenBSD. One sad thing is that Skype doesn't want to run and the tutorials I have found do not work.
What else? Well, my HDD on PowerBook went off and I'm not notebookless which is sad by itself and sad because I had ran a webserver and was able to do webdev on it. Well, I'll probably try to netboot or USB boot it somehow. Anyone has any offers on how to it with PPC Powerbook?
I also had a Brown interview(on the phone with Mark Dembitz). I think I blew it. Everybody knows the main interview question - "Tell me about yourself". Duh. I don't like speaking about people, including myself so my interviewer had a tough time pulling it out from me. When my questions section came, I asked him only two questions about Brown. First was about Brown CS department and he assured me that it's cool, despite the fact that he hasn't had any courses in there. Another question was on how expensive is the cost of living in Providence. So I think that I looked like an unmotivated guy to him who's just spending his free time applying to universities. Anyways, I hope it'll go good.
What else... Oh yeah, I took a TOEFL on March 1. Whaaaa... it's already past MIT deadline, why would I want one you ask. And I answer: because I found another university. I got an email about American international university in London, Richmond. I'll be applying to it if I don't get into MIT, Stanford or Brown or if I don't get any decent scholarship to any of them(hoping that this won't happen). I'm applying for the spring semester so that I could finish something in Lithuania. I need to get a driver's license which is given only after 18th birthday, which is in July for me. But I need to prepare for the driving exam and I don't want to do it together with my national exams(I'm taking Lithuanian, Physics, Math and IT) becasue they're very intensive.
That's probably about it for this time.

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Good luck for Saturday!

I got a letter from Richmond too =)

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