Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two down, two more to go

The decisions for two of my four US schools are out. They both rejected me, but I'm almost in a good mood. So next year I'm not gonna be a Caltech freshman, nor MIT's. It was more like a lottery to me and I once again didn't win Jackpot. And as I just wrote in MIT blogs: "The application process was so addictive that I'll definitely have to try again next year.". That's right. If I don't get into other two US schools and Richmond, I'll probably take a gap year, do some hardcore programming(I have a plan about some project, just not enough time), do some traveling (with money earned from hardcore programming project), learn English a little bit better and take the SAT's with a little bit more preparation.
Oh, well. Despite being rejected I had a good night yesterday. About 5 minutes after my decisions came out the doorbell rang. There were my two classmates and so we went to hang out a little. Funny thing is that when I was walking down the stairs(I live in a flat), I noticed that there was something in my mailbox. I took it out - a Caltech decision letter. Ah well, I just put in into my coat pocket and went out. I already knew the answer(which had come by email at 1 AM my time a few days ago). But if I wouldn't have read it in my email, it would have been two decisions in five minutes. BAHHHH.
OK, enough about the decisions. But since that's the only thing that I'm capable to think of now, let it be the end for this post.

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Ana said...

Don't worry, life does not end here. I bet you'll be attending a nice college next year (maybe Brown) and you won't even think of reapplying to MIT.